What is the difference between BCs and BSc in computer science?

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BCs Computer Science is combination of three subject I.e. 
Math Physics and computer science but BCS have only computer in 
the curriculum so for Great opportunities in different field you 
can go for B Sc Comp Sc but for specialisation in Computers only 
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BCs is not a common initialism for a bachelor's degree. Usually, 
the bachelor's degree with be a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor 
of Science (BS). Some universities will refer to their degrees 
by Latin names, which means the initialism comes out the reverse of 
the English initialism, I.e. AB or SB, respectively. Buy bachelor degree
There aren't hard and fast rules for the differences in curriculum 
between a BA or BS in CS. Typically a BS will require more courses 
in the major. But, sometimes the difference is less curricular and 
more dependent on the rules the university sets for each of its colleges.
 For instance, if a CS program is run out of a math department attached 
to the College of Arts and Letters, the degree awarded will be a BA even 
though the course work is comparable to that of a BS degree awarded by a 
different university through the College of Engineering or the College of Sciences
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