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Monroe University was founded in 1933, a family-run university with good credit. The university is located in the Bronx district of northern New York City, New Rochelle. The school also has an attached ESL program, which is divided into two courses: "ELLI" and "EASE". "ELLI" courses are suitable for students who want to study in Monroe College or other universities in the United States for undergraduate or graduate students in the future. The teaching system is divided into three semesters: autumn, winter and spring. ELLI has two levels. The school will assign your class according to your English level. The course will focus on the basics of English. Mainly the core abilities required to go to American universities, including reading, writing, and speaking abilities. The EASE course is designed to satisfy students who are studying English while also studying other professional courses in the school. If you have just come to the United States, your listening and speaking skills cannot keep up with the level of professional courses, or you are worried about the English grammar level of writing essays, or you want to overcome your Chinese accent, then we will choose EASE to assist your study.