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Arizona State University(ASU) is a well-known public research university in Arizona, USA, buy fake degree of Arizona State University, Buy America replica Degree online. The school consists of 5 campuses scattered around phoenix and 1 campus in Lake Havasu City, Fake ASU diploma, replica ASU certificate sample, with a total of 22 colleges. Arizona State University is the university with the largest number of students in the United States, and each campus offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. In 2014, Arizona State University successfully acquired Thunderbird School of Global Management, Buy false certificate from US. which is known as the "first school for international management education". This acquisition will further enhance the international influence and globalization of Arizona State University.
Arizona is not usually the first choice for Chinese students. The weather over 46 degrees (Celsius) in summer will deter most people. But from all aspects, ASU is a very cost-effective school. The author will introduce it from the aspects of school ranking, difficulty of admission, employment situation, convenience of life, campus life, and outdoor activities. 
A classmate asked me if it is difficult in terms of the accounting major I am studying. I think the accounting major is indeed a difficult major in ASU. The theoretical foundation is very deep, and it is very practical, and it is not small, because it is not only about learning to do accounts, but more importantly, the ability to analyze operations and make decisions from the accounts. The double major is not easy, but it is feasible. 
Regarding accounting students entering the four major internships, first of all, ASU will not hold you back. According to statistics, the number of ASU graduates of the four major employees is the second. But whether you can get into the four majors depends on your personal ability. In addition to the Big Four, there are also many other good firms to choose from. Consulting is also a good way out. I go to consulting companies, although I do federal taxes.
In the commentary, I asked whether the profession of supply chain management or accounting is better for employment. First of all, my understanding is that if you are top-notch in any major, employment will not be a problem at all. Supply chain management is a strong specialty of ASU, and the latest ranking in the top five in the United States. But it's not particularly difficult. A senior once told me that this is a nursing major, and there are few major courses in the junior year. The grades mainly come from the team work of you and your team members.