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Assumption University Transcript
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The approval of Chinese students to enter Thailand’s Assumption University(AU, ABAC) began in 2000. After the then Minister of Education of China Chen Zhili visited Assumption University, he accepted a doctorate from Assumption University. After that, China and Thailand began to recognize each other's academic qualifications and start the university. Exchange students, the establishment of scholarships for Chinese students, a series of measures of Assumption University and the establishment of China's recruitment agency mechanism, began to recruit students on a large scale. Buy phony transcript certificate in Thailand. Buy fake Assumption University Transcript. 
Advantages: transfer to Europe and the United States
The university has many double courses of famous universities in Europe and America, and the credits are recognized in Europe and America. After students have completed 1-2 years of studies in Assumption, eligible students can successfully transfer to a third country to continue their studies in Britain, the United States, Australia, Canada, and Germany. Those with outstanding academic performance can also directly apply for scholarships from foreign institutions. Studying abroad programs are both offensive and defensive. Many Chinese students regard studying in Assumption as the best transfer station to study abroad in prestigious universities in Europe and America. Fake transcript sample, fake AU diploma.