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Arden university degree
Arden University is a private non-profit university in the United Kingdom, founded in 1990. Buy fake Arden University degree, Arden University fake diploma, Arden University diploma, Arden University official transcript. Arden University hologram. The school offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including blended and online distance learning. UK Arden University degree sample, how to buy UK diplomas with real signatures? The school is located in Coventry, UK, with research centers in Birmingham, Manchester and London. The school was granted university status by the British government in 2015 and was renamed Arden University. Since August 2016, it has been owned by the global university system.
Arden University was founded in 1990. Its predecessor was Resource Development International. It was founded by John Hall, an entrepreneur based in Coventry. RDI initially provided distance learning courses for industrial and commercial customers, and established several subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Far East. By 2010, it closed most of its foreign subsidiaries and expanded to include distance education degrees accredited by several British universities. Its motto is "Learning Without Borders". In 2011, Holden sold RDI and its remaining subsidiaries to the U.S. Five Car Two Education Company, and continued to develop an online business school in Coventry. In April 2014, RDI was granted the right to confer a professor's degree, and was granted university status the following year. It was relaunched as Arden University in August 2015, with former RDI CEO Philip Haram serving as the founding vice president and chief executive officer. Arden University is the first distance education university established in the UK since the establishment of the Open University in 1969. It is also the third of the three for-profit universities promoted by the Conservative government to promote competition in the UK university field. Wucheer Education initially purchased RDI to accelerate the company's expansion into the international market. However, this strategy has not been realized. Wucheer initially purchased RDI in February 2016 to accelerate the company's expansion into the international market. However, this strategy did not materialize, and Wucheer listed Arden University and its remaining subsidiaries for sale in February 2016. The University of Sunderland purchased the Hong Kong subsidiary of Resource Development International from Arden University in July 2016, which verified some RDI degrees. In August of the same year, Arden University itself was sold to the Dutch Global University System Company for 15 million pounds. Since January 2016, the pre-RDI externally accredited degree programs have been gradually eliminated and replaced by Arden's own degree programs. In November 2017, Arden University had 5,700 students enrolled, of which 2500 had enrolled in the university’s own courses. Approximately 44% of students are from outside the UK. In 2019, Carl Lego succeeded Philip Haram as the Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Arden University.