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Birkbeck, University Of London (Birkbeck College) is a college of the University of London, founded in 1823 by Dr. George Birkbeck. Buy Birkbeck, University of London fake degree, buy copy Birkbeck College diploma,  Birkbeck College diploma sample, Birkbeck College official seal, Birkbeck College academic transcript. In 1920, it formed the University of London with 31 institutions including University College London (UCL), London School of Economics (LSE), Kings College (Kings College) and London Business School (LBS).
The teaching and scientific research of the college are well-known, and it has opened more than 80 master's courses in the fields of liberal arts, sciences and social sciences. In order to cooperate with the various scientific researches of the school, the school also organizes a variety of high-quality research topics, which can be obtained after successfully completing the master of philosophy and doctorate.
By the 2007/08 school year, there were more than 19,000 students studying in this college. More than 40% of students are studying for a one-year taught master's program. More than 600 students specialize in research degrees. Although most of the students are from the UK and other countries in the European Union, the other 30% are from more than 130 countries around the world. The college is proud of its diverse student body, and its focus on adult students has attracted many people to study here. Famous people who graduated from this school include Ramsay MacDonald, the first prime minister of the British Labour Party, Helen Sharman, the only female astronaut in the UK, and the world-renowned singer Dido.