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Chulalongkorn University campus covers an area of ​​more than 3,000 acres, of which 32% is leased to large commercial companies, Chulalongkorn University diploma, fake Chulalongkorn University degree, buy fake degree of Chulalongkorn University, buy Thailand university degreeand the rental income is a stable source of school annual income. There are a total of 198 buildings on the campus, including auditoriums, teaching buildings, laboratories, libraries, and accommodation buildings.
According to statistics in 2010, the number of teachers in the school is 3,000, including 120 professors, 900 associate professors, 700 assistant associate professors, and 1,700 lecturers. In 2010, the school had 21,825 undergraduates, 10,746 postgraduates, and doctoral students. For 2,394 people.
The school's funds mainly come from the government's annual financial expenditure. According to statistics, 75% of all expenditures of the Jura from October 1988 to September 1989 were allocated by the government.
Chulalongkorn University, like other government-owned universities, is an independent and autonomous entity. The highest administrative body is the council, and the chairman is Professor Emeritus Khunying Suchada Kiranandana; the principal is the chief executive decision-maker and the highest reception officer of the council. The current principal is Philong Kameng Professor Pirom Kamolratanakul, under him there are 9 deputy principals who manage academic affairs, school planning and development of student affairs, financial management, administrative affairs, research affairs and external relations, and several other assistants to the principal They manage finance, staffing, public relations, continuing education and policy affairs.