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The City University of Hong Kong (CityU) is one of the eight tertiary institutions funded by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Buy fake CityU transcript, buy City University of Hong Kong fake diploma with transcript,  CityU official transcript, buy CityU transcript with correct courses. CityU degree with transcript sample. It provides more than 130 high-quality undergraduate and research degree programs to approximately 20,000 students each year. It now has a business school, a school of engineering, a school of humanities and social sciences, and a school of science. , Jockey Club School of Animal Medicine and Life Sciences, School of Creative Media, School of Data Science, School of Energy and Environment, and School of Law.
The applied physics major of the City University of Hong Kong provides graduate-level continuing education in applied physics in the fields of biomedicine, physics, energy material physics and general advanced physics, with highly market-oriented professional skills. In addition to advanced physics education, graduates will also gain knowledge of the principles of physics and how to apply these principles to practical problems in specific related majors. To enable Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries/regions to serve as medical technology experts and engineers/researchers in the electronics and renewable energy industries to obtain better training and professional knowledge. Graduates of this program conduct research in a wide range of related fields (for example, physics, materials science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering), and have the flexibility to look for job opportunities in the industry and continue to pursue a doctorate degree.