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Columbia University Diploma
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The ratio of students to professors at Columbia University has been stable for many years. It has been maintained at 6:1 since 2010, and the teaching staff is strong, copy degree certificate samples.
The number of undergraduate students in the school has not changed much since 2009, and has been stable at around 8,000, but the number of graduate students has been on the rise for many years. In 2009, Columbia University had only 13,502 people. By 2019, the number of graduate students has risen to 22,861. Fake Degree Samples, replacement transcript samples.
The tuition fees of Columbia students outside the state are also generally increasing. Except for a slight fall in tuition fees in 2017, tuition fees have increased year by year. The increase from 2019 to 2020 is as high as more than seven thousand US dollars.
The annual salary of Columbia University’s popular major actuarial undergraduates is about $79,600 after one year, and the annual salary of computer science students is about $96,400 to $132,500. Overall, Columbia’s price/performance ratio is good.