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When it comes to studying abroad, many people's first reaction is the high tuition and living expenses. The actual situation in Germany is not what you think. Most public universities in Germany generally only charge a registration fee of about 300 euros per year, 
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In addition, Germany attaches great importance to social practice. Buy Germany Urkunde. International students here can also be allowed about 90 days of internship or part-time work every year, and the need for living expenses is further reduced.
It has long been an open secret that some domestic business owners who have a long history with Germany have a higher gold content in the country than British and American students in the academic qualifications obtained after studying abroad in Germany. This is also based on Germany's strong industrial strength and extremely rigorous German graduation system-in Germany, only about 50% of college students successfully graduate each year.
As a country where immigrants account for a quarter of its nationals, Germany is relatively lenient in dealing with the issue of residence of international students. After the international students graduate, Germany will be granted a work visa for one and a half years. If they find a job during the period and pay insurance for 2 years later, they can participate in the application for the right of residence.