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Dalhousie University Diploma
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The largest university in Nova Scotia, Canada, with a long history of nearly 200 years and a famous brand for 200 years. How to get a copy degree certificate?
A member of the U15 in Canada. U15 is the alliance of the best 15 research universities in Canada.
It is the only university in Canada that offers a CR MBA. The 22-month program can provide students with 8 months of paid internships in companies, and the 8-month salary is about 29,000 Canadian dollars.
Is a member of the Association of Canadian Universities and Colleges, the University is a member of the Atlantic Association and the Federal Republic Association 
Compared to British, American and Australian schools, Canadian universities are generally not very high in international rankings. But this does not mean that the quality of its education is backward: on the contrary, because of its public education system, studying in Canada is an extremely cost-effective choice. Regarding Canadian university rankings, the most authoritative, official, and effective reference is McCullin Magazine