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Deakin University is a large, comprehensive institution with a leading position in Australia
in the fields of education, psychology, information technology, media studies and architecture.

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Deakin's research focuses on developing links with industry and professional associations, and encourages the development
of constructive partnerships between faculty and students engaged in research, as well as the inclusion of student research
projects in school research activities. Deakin University offers a range of course studies in
the arts, education, health and behavioral sciences, economics and law, science and technology.
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Business School: Accounting (CPA Course), Marketing, Finance,
International Business, MBA, E-Commerce, Insurance, CPA/MBA
College of Literature: News, Mass Media, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Visual Arts
Law School: Law, Economic Law How Much Does It Cost For A Fake Degree of Deakin University?
Academy of Environmental Sciences: Environmental Management, Marine Ecology, Wildlife Conservation
School of Health and Behavioral Sciences: Food Nutrition, Public Health, Nursing
(Registered Nurse Course), Psychology, Sports Management, Occupational Therapist
College of Science and Technology: Department of Architecture: Architectural Design,
Building Management (The degree is recognized by the British Industry Association)
Department of Biochemistry: Biotechnology, Biomedicine
Computer Department: Computer Engineering,
Software, Information System Management
Engineering Department: CIVIL Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,
Mechatronics Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Software Engineering