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University of Edinburgh Transcript
The University of Edinburgh (Edin), abbreviated as Ai University, is located in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, UK. It was founded in 1583 and is the sixth oldest university in English-speaking countries. buy fake University of Edinburgh Transcript, buy fake transcript of Edin. University of Edinburgh official transcript. "Scottish Enlightenment" and "Scottish University Development Research" mentioned that the University of Edinburgh had surpassed Oxford and Cambridge in the 18th century to become the first university leading the academic development of Europe. How to buy England replica University of Edinburgh Transcript in 3 days?  Edinburgh university official transcript, fake Edin degree with transcript.
Its ancient history, excellent alumni, first-class teaching quality and research level make it a well-deserved British super elite university. In the 2014 REF UK University Research Rankings published by the British government every 7 years, the University of Edinburgh ranks fourth in the UK, second only to the University of Oxford, University College London and the University of Cambridge. This also makes the University of Edinburgh one of the most competitive and difficult to apply among British universities, with an acceptance rate of only about 8%-10%.
Key majors:
1. Accounting and Finance
After finishing studying finance majors, the major companies they will face are investment banks, securities companies, fund companies, financial instrument companies, banks, insurance companies, etc. Research surveys show that in the popular British courses for Chinese students, the proportion of business management and finance far exceeds other courses, accounting for about 50% of the total.
2. Major in Mass Media
As we all know, the mass media major has a strong nature of communication at home and abroad, so senior professionals who graduate from world-renowned universities and have first-class English skills are favored by the industry. In recent years, the increasing frequency of domestic and foreign exchanges has promoted the rapid development of domestic news, film, advertising and other communication and media industries. The market's demand for talents at all levels in this industry, especially senior talents, has doubled.
3. Art and Design Major
Young people from all over the world who are aspiring to show their artistic talents and improve their artistic attainments have unanimously chosen British art schools. What they value is the high-quality British degrees and professional qualifications that can be widely recognized globally. Creative education provides a broad space and opportunities for individuals to realize their potential and develop. With the development of China's economy, the demand for excellent design talents will continue to rise, so the employment prospects in the field of art and design are quite promising.