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Singapore-Cambridge GCE Certificate
The General Education Advanced Level Certificate is a general secondary education diploma issued by the United Kingdom (excluding Scotland) or the Ministry of Education of the British Overseas Territories after the student has completed the two-year university preparatory studies in grades 12-13. Buy fake Singapore-Cambridge GCE Certificate, Singapore GCE fake transcript certificate, Singapore GCE A level certificate, Singapore GCE O level certificate, buy Singapore GCE certificate with real seal. Participate after the general certificate of secondary education for students aged 16-19, usually for a period of two years. A-Level was first introduced in 1951 to replace the previous high school graduation test (HSC). After completing A-Level studies, you will usually get a GCE A-Level certificate. 
A-Level is translated into "Advanced Level" in Chinese. In Singapore, it is sometimes written as'A' Level. The official Chinese name in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination.
A-Level is derived from the British system of passing examinations and obtaining diplomas. Some other countries and regions outside the United Kingdom, such as Singapore, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong, also have an A-Level academic system, but they do not necessarily use the GCE name. Singapore, Malta, and South Africa also hold exams with the same name. However, due to changes in the education system, A-level education in these places has usually undergone major changes in style and system. Hong Kong’s HKALE is not called GCE either. And for the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination.
Now A-Level qualifications are also available in many non-British regions around the world. Because of its universal recognition in the world, it has become the choice of many international school education systems. Many high schools in mainland China are also launching 2+2 cooperation with the UK.