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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), is an important member of the East Asian Research University Association, Pacific Rim University Alliance, Asian University Alliance, Chinese University Presidents Association, and Beijing-Hong Kong University Alliance. Buy fake HKUST degree, fake diploma of  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKUST diploma, HKUST official transcript, how to buy HKUST copy degree with real seal? It has obtained the dual certification of AACSB and EQUIS. It is a top-tier and internationally renowned research university in Asia. The school focuses on technology and business management, and pays equal attention to humanities and social sciences, especially in business and engineering. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is the third university in Hong Kong established by the Hong Kong government to meet the needs of economic restructuring in the 1980s. In September 1986, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Preparatory Committee was established. In October 1991, HKUST held an opening ceremony. In January 2007, Fok Ying Tung Research Institute of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was established.
Over the past two decades since its establishment, HKUST has created the world’s thinnest single-walled carbon nanotubes, the world’s highest pixel photos, the world’s first intelligent antibacterial coating, and the world’s number one EMBA course. He has attracted outstanding talents in various fields such as Wang Tao, founder of DJI, Li Huiqiong, chairman of the DAB, and Luo Shuohan, chief financial officer of Tencent Group. As of September 2017, the school has 4 colleges including the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Business Administration, and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as an interdisciplinary curriculum office; the campus covers an area of ​​more than 60 hectares (150 acres) and has 694 faculty members. There are 14,807 students in this category, including 9754 undergraduates and 5053 postgraduates.