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Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Degree
The school enjoys a high reputation for its teaching-oriented practice and a solid foundation of scientific knowledge for students. Buy fake Hamburg University of Applied Sciences degree. Purchase Germany replica diploma online. As the "German Economic Weekly" has shown in many public opinion surveys, the graduates of the university have been favored by German corporate personnel managers over the years. Replica Germany degree sample, replacement Germany transcript certificate sample. Karl-Heinz Streibich, Chairman of Software AG: "Students from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences have acquired solid expertise, teamwork and teamwork during their university studies. Make a fake college diploma online, replica university diploma sample. Excellent practical ability to apply what we have learned. Therefore, we are very happy to accept them as interns and welcome them to become employees of our company in the future." Seal and embossed of degree sample, hologram of transcript sample.
In the past years, the internationality of the university courses and scientific research work of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences has been continuously enhanced. The number of foreign students reached 18%, forming a new feature of the university. In addition to a wide range of language courses, the university also offers six professional courses with English as the language of instruction, including electrical engineering courses, two master's courses in business management, two media courses jointly offered with a university in Ireland, and Computer Science International Masters Program (JIM) jointly organized with several universities in the United States and Australia. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences cooperates with more than 100 foreign universities in the field of teaching and research, and encourages all students to enrich their study careers by studying in foreign partner universities or internships in foreign partner companies. Students can also obtain the possibility of doctoral graduation from partner universities in countries such as the United Kingdom or Ireland.
In the past five years, researchers from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences have initiated more than 20 research projects in the field of scientific research with international partners. European partners come from countries such as Spain, Sweden, France and Finland. In addition, partners from outside Europe have also participated in research projects on market conditions for German companies in fast-developing regions such as China and Brazil.