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And, all courses are beyond your acceptance. The purpose is to exercise your ability to rationally use your time and energy and prioritize things, just like a CEO must do. It is said that perfectionists are a tendency that has formed since childhood. Here, they will "force" you to become a true perfectionist. Then, in the second year they will give you a new life. When I went to school, the business school happened to be popular with "forced curve" "Forced curve" means that once you enter the Harvard Business School, your shining superb student status is gone. Only those who have survived the 15% elimination rate in the first year are the real "gold". buy fake, replica, copy, phony, false Harvard Business School  degree, 
Then the "golden" will get all kinds of opportunities to contact business elites and celebrities, and become true winners in life. All in all, going to Harvard Business School is painful but enjoyable. I will always miss the days when I was surrounded by such awesome people.