How to Buy a Fake Apostille Certificate Online?

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There are now 106 Hague member states in the world, and 42 non-Hague member states have also participated in the Hague Document Certification Convention. (China mainland is not currently a member of The Hague. If there are relevant documents at home and abroad, you can complete the Hague certification in Hong Kong or Macao that has joined the Hague member organizations.) When you use documents or identification documents overseas or prove certain facts , you will need to apply for certification, which is the Hague certification.
For example, when enterprises in the domestic production industry expand overseas markets, such as when going to the United States, Argentina, Russia, etc., when some domestic enterprise documents (business licenses, ISO certificates, company registration materials, etc.) need to be carried abroad, they need to apply for Hague certification. (Apostille certification). The so-called Hague certification, in fact, is to let the third party to verify the company's products or company documents is true or false, similar to the embassy certification and consulate certification, the only difference is that the certification process is different from the certification body. Compared to the Hague certification, it is very simple, the program is much simpler, the time is less, and the price is relatively cheaper than the embassy certification. Sometimes, many people are anxious because of the customer, although the customer embassy certification and the Hague certification are acceptable, because the processing time of the Hague certification is generally about one week, so the foreign customers or the tender requirements generally do the Hague certification, handle more For the convenience and convenience, the cost is relatively low. General Study Abroad Travel Immigration Only use the notary public to complete the notarial certificate and then do the certification at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in China according to the requirements. This is much simpler than the Hague certification, and the procedure is simpler than the Hague certification.