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The ICMA became a legal reality when its first Constitution was adopted on October 11, 1996; and subsequently incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1981 (Vic).) on November 12, 1996. Buy fake ICMA certificate, fake Institute of Certified Management Accountants certificate.
In March 1997, at a meeting of the Founding Members it was decided that Mr Leon Duval (a practicing chartered accountant and management accountant of some 25 years standing) be elected as Interim-President. Fake CMA certificate, buy fake CIMA certificate, replica certificate samples. A room in Mr Duval's office at Suite 6, 242 Hawthorne Road, Caulfield, was the first address and secretariat of ICMA.
Under Mr Duval's name, letters of invitation were sent to over 150 leading professionals and academics in the field of management accounting, to join the new institute as Foundation Members. Almost immediately 75 individuals accepted the invitation. The initial Executive Committee of the Institute was drawn from its Foundation Members.
Today, ICMA is a full-service institute for its members and other stakeholders. The services provided by ICMA Secretariat include maintaining the corporate website that is in keeping with the international profile of ICMA; which includes the designing and maintaining a Members Only area on the website. ICMA publishes 6 copies of the On Target eNewsletter annually, and has a bi-annual research journal, Management Accounting Frontiers (MAF). It maintains a Library by over 12,000 texts and professional and academic publications.
ICMA also provides the training and conducts examinations for its education program in all of its Regional and Branch locations and in over 20 other countries where students undertake the CMA program by online and via distance education. ICMA maintains the CEO Blog, with links to LinkedIn and Twitter. For those members who already possess the CMA, ICMA provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities to members via its Certificates of Proficiency.
The ICMA is accredited by the Commonwealth of Nations under the category of Civic Organisations.