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Imperial College offers undergraduate and postgraduate education through its four schools of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine and Business. With a faculty of about 8,000, There are 75 Fellows of the Royal Society, 87 Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and 80 Fellows of the Royal Academy of Sciences the Academy of Medical Sciences). There are 14 Nobel Prize winners and three Fields Medal winners among the alumni and faculty of Imperial College London.
International students account for about a quarter of Imperial College's total student body of more than 17,000. Students in the study pressure is relatively large, heavy workload. Although it has one of the highest entry standards in the UK, it still has a high failure rate per academic year and a low first-class degree award rate, making it one of the most rigorous universities in the UK. Graduates from Imperial College London have the best starting salaries in the UK, according to a survey. In January 2014, renowned chemist Alice P Gast, former provost of MIT and president of Lehigh University in the US, was hired as the 13th president of Imperial College.
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As a university specializing in engineering, medicine and science, Imperial College London has the world's top scientific research level, quality of teachers and students, and economic strength. Together with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology and ETH Zurich, Imperial College London is ranked as one of the world's top four technical colleges. In Britain, although the history of Imperial College is shorter than that of Oxford and Cambridge, since its establishment in 1907, it has quickly become one of the world's top universities with its strong royal background and strong financial strength. Therefore, there is a so-called "three pillars" in the British educational circle. Oxford is the best university for liberal arts, Cambridge is the best university for science, and Imperial College London is the best university for engineering. Imperial has close links with large companies, is highly industrialised and accounts for one-seventh of Britain's national research funding. As one of the most prestigious engineering universities in Europe, like Oxbridge, Imperial College London not only has a very high admission threshold, but also has higher tuition fees than other universities. Some people call it the most expensive university in Britain. Where can i order a fake Bournemouth University diploma and a nice cover?