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Iowa State University (" ISU "), founded in 1858, is located in Ames, Iowa, United States, and is classified by the Carnegie Corporation as the highest ranking Special Advanced research university (R1: Doctoral Universities-Very High Research Activity). The university has a world-class reputation in the fields of biology, agriculture, mechanics and physics, and its School of design and Business are among the best in the United States. Iowa State University is ranked 63rd in the United States and 167th in the world on the 2021 CWUR World University Rankings.
The school has produced two Nobel Prize winners, former U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace, Lockheed Martin Chairman Vince D. Coffman, Finland's richest man Antti Herring and other famous people have also graduated from the school. The school was the birthplace of the world's first computer, the Atanasov-Berry computer. Ames National Laboratory, which is jointly managed by the university and the U.S. Department of Energy, participated in the Manhattan Project during World War II and made important contributions to the victory of World War II. Ames Lab is the only national laboratory in the United States located on a university campus. Hoiberg, the former head coach of the Chicago Bulls, played for the school's basketball team before joining the NBA.
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The university has eight colleges offering more than 200 different academic programs, with an enrollment of about 33,000 students. The 1,984 acres of scenic, well-policed campus is one of the 25 most beautiful campuses in the United States. Bioengineering and agricultural engineering ranked second in the United States. Architecture and landscape architecture ranked 13th and 8th in the United States, respectively. Aerospace, civil engineering, materials engineering and many other engineering majors are among the top 30 in the United States. Veterinary medicine and statistics are also among the best in the country. Its Business School is ranked 50th in the U.S. on the 2022 U.S News Best Business Schools List. How to buy a fake Duke University diploma certificate for a better job?