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Johnson & Wales University (Johnson & Wales University), founded in 1914, is located in Rhode Island, the United States, with outstanding teaching, excellent faculty, and facilities throughout the United States, and then the world famous. It is also one of the few institutions of higher education in the United States to focus on educating international students and preparing them for their future careers.
Providence, Rhode Island is the main campus of Johnson Wales University and the largest of the four campuses. As a business school, Johnson & Wales was founded in 1914 by Gertru Johnson and Mary Welsh. The college receives 17,230 students in various fields of business, cooking, equipment management, business communication, education and technology. Its specialties of culinary management, culinary arts, pastry and baking arts, and hotel management rank among the top three similar specialties in the United States and are well known throughout the country.
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At Johnson & Wales University, the academic year is divided into 3 semesters, each consisting of 11 weeks. Students can choose fewer courses (3-4 courses) as required in order to be more specialized, or if they are able to take more courses, they can finish the course early. In contrast to the traditional curriculum system, students can choose their major courses from the beginning if they have already set their goals. Four years of dual degrees, most majors lead to an associate degree followed by a four-year bachelor's degree after completing the first two years. In addition, four days a week, cooperation and practice training, experienced and strong faculty, etc., all show the school's creative and flexible curriculum design centered on students. Under the strong support of the Business Office of the US Consulate, as a partner institution of ISN (International Student Network), the school representatives will hold the recruitment interview in Shanghai in November. Order a fake California State University, Fullerton diploma for a better job.