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Kwantlen University College, not Vancouver itself. It was upgraded from a community college to a university in 2008 and is now called Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Nevertheless, the reputation, learning environment and teaching quality are still far from the "traditional" university. 
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Kwantlen University College is a comprehensive undergraduate education university that can award undergraduate degrees and various diplomas and certificates. The school's curriculum is very flexible. It can provide students with a four-year bachelor's degree program, as well as a two-year associate degree program and a diploma program, and a one-year certificate program. Students can choose to complete a four-year undergraduate course at KPU, or they can start the first or second year of university preparatory courses in Kwantland, and then transfer to other prestigious universities and other universities in British Columbia, such as UBC Columbia University (University of British Columbia) and SFU Simon Fraser University (Simon Fraser University). This flexible and complete curriculum can give students more choices and freedom. In addition to the flexibility of the curriculum, the design major of Kwantlen University of Technology is also outstanding among Canadian universities. It is the only university that can grant a degree in fashion design.