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Springfield is the third largest city in Missouri. It is similar to most ordinary non-first-tier cities in the United States. It looks like a rural area, but life is quite convenient. The people here are kind and the environment is very good. Of course, there is no hustle and bustle of big cities, Fake MSU Degree Sample, MSU transcript, replica official certificate sample. but it is just suitable for calming down to learn and understand American culture. Business school is the best school in MSU,  objectively speaking, accounting is very good, of course it is very strict, it is impossible to mix. Some people make complaints because a small number of international students have been punished for cheating, but blame the school for not working hard. Many universities in the United States are the same, the key depends on how you grasp it. I am an msu graduate. 
I always think that this city and this school have helped me grow and accumulate a lot of things that I can use now. I am very grateful. But it should be noted that you can’t feel that msu is good and you have been accustomed to life here. If you graduate from a bachelor degree, or if the master also graduated here, you must go to a big city to find job opportunities. It is best to transfer to a more busy and "lively" master. Studying locally can help you move into society even more, including returning home in the future. If you don't transfer, it is recommended that while studying the major during the master period, you should either consider taking the professional certificate, or plan for future work development and use what you have learned.