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Nanyang Technological University diploma
Recently, Nanyang Technological University(NTU) in Singapore announced its development plan for the next five years, buy fake degree of Nanyang Technological University, Buy Singapore replica NTU Degree. focusing on education, research, innovation and the development of the university community.
In terms of education, cultivating students' interdisciplinary skills has become a major focus. Starting from the new academic year in August this year, Nanyang Technological University will offer new interdisciplinary core courses for undergraduate freshmen to prepare for the technological world after the epidemic. NTU diploma, NTU transcript sample.
It is understood that the interdisciplinary core curriculum will have seven compulsory modules, covering fields and topics such as digital literacy, communication, ethics, career development, technology and global challenges. Medical school and National Institute of Education students are not affected by the new interdisciplinary core curriculum regulations.
In addition, starting from the 2021 academic year, Nantah will launch a new major in Economics and Data Science (Major in Economics and Data Science) interdisciplinary undergraduate professional program, and will introduce new advanced degree programs in interdisciplinary fields such as neuroscience. Eligible undergraduates can take some doctoral-level courses.
At the same time, in response to Singapore’s vision of becoming a smart country and cultivating entrepreneurs who dare to innovate, Nantah will set up a new Second Major in Entrepreneurship (Second Major in Entrepreneurship). 
The new Institute for Pedagogical Innovation, Research and Excellence (InsPIRE) will integrate the professional knowledge of school teaching and research professionals, research and stimulate innovative teaching methods, and improve student learning efficiency.
Professor Subra Suresh, President of NTU, said that the school has launched a series of interdisciplinary core courses, new degrees and internship opportunities this year. He said:
"It will help change our education ecosystem. It will also help our students to better prepare for successful careers, for lifelong learning, and to influence and serve society."
In addition, internships will also become one of the graduation requirements for undergraduates and count as admission points. Graduate students can also choose to intern. Currently, only some majors such as engineering and Nanyang Business School must accumulate internship experience before graduation.