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Oregon State University (Oregon State University), founded in 1858, is a world famous public research university, which was founded by the then President of the United States Abraham Lincoln himself, It has the unique honor of being the "MIT of the West Coast" as one of the only two universities in the United States to receive land grants for Marine, aviation, and energy projects. According to the 2021 Academic Rankings of World Universities, it ranks 66-94 in the United States and 201-300 in the world.
Oregon State University is located in Corvallis, Oregon, on the west coast of the United States, about 90 miles from Portland, the state's largest city. For years in a row, the city of Corvallis has been ranked by Forbes as one of the best places to live in the country. This city is one of the important high-tech centers and financial centers in the United States. HP, Intel, Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Google have several research and development centers here. Many famous banks in the world, such as Morgan Stanley and Citibank, have built financial database centers here, providing students with rich internship and employment resources. For 150 years, Oregon State has trained the world's leaders and brightest minds, including the co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA and the former president and CEO of HP.
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Oregon State University is recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as one of the top academic institutions in the United States. According to US News rankings, the university's undergraduate online courses rank 7th in the US, robotics 4th in the US, nuclear engineering 11th in the US, and bioengineering, civil engineering, computer science, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, public health and other majors rank top 50 in the US. According to CSRankings, OSU is ranked 43rd in the U.S. in the overall computer field, 22nd in the AI/ML/CV/NLP field, and 4th in the robotics program. How to order a 100% copy Columbia Southern University diploma in 3 days?