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The Royal Agricultural University is a world-leading university. As a leading university, the Royal Agricultural University has established more than 40 key professional careers, buy fake RAU diploma, Royal Agricultural University fake degree, RAU diploma with transcript, supply RAU diploma certificate in England. custom UK diploma online. including agriculture, business colleges and rural economic development and land management. The Royal Agricultural University is known as the "Oxford and Cambridge of the Country" and is the first agricultural university in an English-speaking country. There are three faculties and departments to recruit and train undergraduates and postgraduates in agriculture, commerce, rural economy and land management.
Li Xinyu, a junior student of social leisure sports (horse racing major) of Wuhan Business Service College, received a notice from the Royal Agricultural University that she was admitted to the school to study for a master's degree in horse management. At the Royal Agricultural University, she will be the first Chinese to study horse management.
The Royal Agricultural University was established in 1845 and is a school with a long history. Li Xinyu, 22, said that it was a little surprise to be able to study in the UK. In early May of this year, she took an internship in Wuhan Oriental Horse City and received a delegation from the Royal Agricultural University. I heard that Wuhan took the lead in cultivating horse racing talents in the country. The other party was very interested and told her that the Royal College of Agriculture would be recruiting masters in horse management in China and encouraged her to apply for the exam.