How many days does to purchase a fake RNCM degree from UK?

How many days does to purchase a fake RNCM degree from UK? Where to get a realistic RNCM degree quickly and safely? The Royal Northern College of Music(RNCM) is one of the world's leading Music institutions, located in the heart of Manchester, United Kingdom. A member of ABRSM (RAM, RCM, RNCM, RCS), The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. The Royal College of Music of The North (RNCM) is ranked number one conservatory of Music in The Times's 2020 UK Music Programme Rankings.
RNCM has been rated as one of the UK's leading academic research music schools by the Department of Education for excellence in teaching. With staff and students from nearly 60 different countries, the college provides high quality music education to students by internationally renowned teachers, including Sir Peter Maxwell Davis, Sir John Tomlinson, Stephen Hough and other internationally renowned musicians. Shao En, Qin Liwei, Wei Weidong, Ju Jin and other Chinese musicians graduated from the school. For many years RNCM has been the music institution of choice for artists in the UK and around the world.
The Royal Northern College of Music dates back to the late 19th century when Sir Charles Harley, founder of the famous Halley Symphony Orchestra, founded the Royal Manchester College of Music. In 1858, Sir Charles Halley founded the Halley Symphony Orchestra in Manchester, England, which is also the first professional orchestra in The United Kingdom, Halley Symphony Orchestra or the UK's premier professional symphonic orchestra, the famous Sir Mark Elgar (Sir Mark Elder) for the orchestra's music director. In early 1890, Sir Harley floated the idea of running a school, which was soon backed by the government. The college's first building was in Ducie Street, and Sir Harley became the first director of the Royal College of Music in Manchester, England. Queen Victoria bestowed the title "Royal" on her. Why so many people purchase a fake IGCSE certificate?