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Ryutsu Keizai University diploma, 流通経済大学 Degree
Ryutsu Keizai University(流通経済大学, Ryūtsū Keizai Daigaku), It is a Japanese private university established in 1965. Buy fake Ryutsu Keizai University degree, buy fake Ryutsu Keizai University diploma. The abbreviation of the university is "RKU". The University of Circulation Economics is a private university in Japan. It belongs to the school's legal person Nitong Gakuen and was founded in 1965 with the funding of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. In addition to the campus in Ryusaki City, Ibaraki Prefecture, a new campus was set up in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture in 2003, where students can freely choose subjects to attend. purchase 流通経済大学 fake diploma, replica diploma of Ryutsu Keizai. Ryutsu Keizai University degree, Ryūtsū Keizai Daigaku fake degree. How to buy fake Japan Ryutsu Keizai University?
The university has the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Sociology, Faculty of Circulation and Information, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences, etc. It is now a comprehensive university with 5 departments, 8 disciplines and 4 graduate courses, and will be further expanded. Among them, the graduate schools are Economics (Master and Doctoral Post), Sociology (Master and Doctoral Post), Logistics Information Science (Master and Doctoral Post), and Law (Master). The school promotes the educational philosophy that practical learning values, and aims to cultivate high-quality industrialists and adhere to the school-running characteristics of elite education. The school has many types of scholarships. The school maintains friendly teaching exchanges with China and has exchange programs with Hainan University.
school characteristics
Ryutsu Keizai University was founded in 1965. The establishment of the school consortium is a Sun Circulation Economics University Education Foundation, which is to set up a fund for this school. It is the University Legal Person Foundation Community Transportation Association, which aims to promote welfare and shipping for those engaged in the improvement of intellectual skills and related small businesses. It was used this small donation to the Japan Transportation Association, the university, because it appeared in the funds established in the association to establish the University of Circulation Economics.