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Simon Fraser University was founded in 1965. Its name is named after a 19th century explorer Simon Fraser. It is one of Canada's prestigious universities. As a comprehensive university, Simon Fraser University has been named the best comprehensive university in Canada in the annual university rankings of Macleans magazine five times, and has the reputation of "Canada's most valuable comprehensive university". SFU degree, SFU diploma, SFU transcript. It is the first university in Canada to become a member of the "National University Sports Association". As of 2012, the school has 3 campuses, 30,000 students, 6,500 faculty and staff, and 120,000 alumni, making it one of the world's leading universities. Fake SFU bachelors degree Sample, replacement SFU transcript certificate.
Simon Fraser University is one of the most famous comprehensive universities in Canada. How to get a copy university degree certificate? It is the university with the most complete set of disciplines and the most potential for development. It can provide more than 100 majors and interdisciplinary majors involving more than 40 fields. Many fields such as academics and education are far ahead. Every year, the government and commercial fields sponsor 20 million Canadian dollars to develop research projects in schools. Simon Fraser University also strives to develop unique fields. Well received in natural resource management, sports physics, business management, computer science, etc.