Beautiful Lies About Stanford and How I Used A Fake Stanford University degree For Immigration?

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They are all about the establishment of Stanford University. The content is exactly the same. Generally speaking, there is a pair of old couples who are dressed in a simple and unappealing manner and come to Harvard University to ask for the principal. They are met by the Harvard principal and his secretary. The couple wanted to donate a large sum of money to Harvard. Later they changed their mind and decided. I went to California to run a university and named the new university under my son's name. This is now the Stanford University (see below for details). After reading these two emails, my instinct told me that this is unlikely to be true, but it is not certain. So I checked the history record of Stanford University. It is not a problem. This legend is a fabrication, it can be said to be a lie. However, although it is a lie, the content of the lie is to warn people not to look at people by appearance, so I gave it a title of "beautiful lies."
The history of Stanford University details the passage of the Stanford couples and has a special section to correct the false legends of "beautiful lies."