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Stanford University was founded in 1891 by the then railway governor, Lilan Stanford, and his wife Jane Lethrop Stanford.
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or to find a job. The university commemorated the name of Lear Stanford, the son of the typhoid fever on the
eve of his 16th birthday (1884). Leland Stanford told his wife: "All future California children are ours. child."
In 1824, Stanford was born into a wealthy farmer's family. In 1861, he served as governor of California. In 1863,
he and his wife Jenny established the Central Pacific Railway Company, and Stanford served as president.
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In 1876, Old Stanford purchased 263 hectares of land in California as a horse breeding farm, and later expanded to 3,237 hectares,
becoming the site of the Stanford University campus; in the Stanford University logo and sports logo, there is the image of Sequoia.
In 1884, his son, Stanford, was infected with typhoid fever when his parents traveled in Europe. After the grief Stanford returned to the
United States, he decided to save his $20 million in savings and his life in Palo Alto. The 3561 hectares of land were used to create a university.
On October 1, 1891, Stanford University held its opening ceremony, when New York newspapers predicted that no one would go to the western
part of the wilderness: "Professors will be in the marble classroom, facing the empty bench," but On the opening day of the
university, unexpectedly, there were 559 first-year male and female students, two-thirds of whom were from outside California.