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Suny Geneva is a public liberal arts college with a 66 percent acceptance rate. Located on the western edge of the Finger Lakes region of New York State and part of the State University of New York (Suny) system, GuneSeo has high scores for its value among both state and out-of-state students. Strength in the liberal arts and sciences earned the college a chapter in Phi Beta Kappa. The Geneseo Knights play in the NCAA's Division III SUNY conference. Popular sports include football, basketball, track and field, and swimming.
Geneseo is a four-year public liberal arts college. One of SUNY's top schools, it offers 48 undergraduate programs, 5 graduate programs (master's only), and 25 interdisciplinary minors. The most popular majors, in descending order, are education, business, social sciences, biology and psychology. The student population is 5,588 with a student/teacher ratio of 19:1 and an average class size of 25. Nearly 90 percent of Geneseo's full-time faculty have PHDS. Or other terminal degree. Geneseo has the nation's highest four-year graduation rate among comprehensive colleges and the highest freshman retention rate of any public college or university in New York.
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SUNY Geneseo currently requires each student to take one of two survey courses in the Western humanities, in addition to a widely distributed core course in the arts and sciences. Faculty and staff teach "Western Humanities 1" and "Western Humanities 2". Individual course syllabi share many historical, philosophical, and literary texts with other courses, thus creating a common knowledge base among undergraduate students. Core courses in the humanities, languages, and sciences ensure that Geneseo students are well-versed in the tradition of liberal arts education. How to buy a 100% copy Southern New Hampshire University degree in 3 days?