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Key specialty:
⒈Financial Mathematics and Computing (BSc, MSc in Mathematics and Computing for Finance)
The Department of Mathematics at Swansea University has several world-class mathematicians, such as Professor David Williams and Dr. John Hawkes who have made outstanding contributions to probability theory. Professor David Williams is one of the important founders of modern probability theory, and Dr. John Hawkins is one of the most successful mathematicians in probability theory. The Western job market is undergoing a revolution in demand for financial mathematics talents. In the financial markets of London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong, financial mathematics professionals are in short supply. This is mainly because of the Black-Scholes formula mathematical formula of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Economics winner Scules. He combined advanced mathematical probability principles with financial price analysis. This theory has been widely used in finance, securities, insurance, investment and economic analysis. If a student obtains this degree, it actually guarantees a high-paying position in London or financial centers around the world. The Master of Computer Science in Financial Mathematics at Swansea University is based on the combination of mathematics, finance and computers. There are only a few universities in the UK that have a master's degree in financial mathematics, and only Swansea University has a taught master's degree that combines financial mathematics and computing. Swansea University has extensive cooperation with two major financial mathematics research centers in the world (Imperial College of Technology, University of London, and MaPhySto in Denmark), and has close cooperation relationships with major world banks such as Deutsche Bank. Lost my high school diploma, seal and embossed of degree sample, hologram of transcript sample
2. Master of International Commercial Law and Maritime Law (LLB, LLM in Commercial and Maritime Law)
The world legal system is divided into Anglo-American law and civil law, but the United Kingdom is an authority in international commercial law and maritime law. Among them, there are only 2-3 British universities with the best international commercial law and maritime law majors, and Swansea University is one of them. According to the evaluation results published by the British RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) on December 18, 2008, Swansea University Law School is ranked 25th in the UK; 95% of the research results of Swansea University Law School are evaluated as the world Advanced level, some of the achievements on maritime law are considered world-class. Swansea University School of Law has an excellent maritime law research and teaching team, with world-class masters in marine insurance, chartering practice, cargo claims, international maritime law, international arbitration, etc., such as: British maritime law A leading figure in the academic world, Professor Thomas, one of the drafters of the British Arbitration Law in 1996; Professor Williams, the senior partner of the world's top commercial and maritime law firm; Mr. Jacobsson, the former Director General of the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund, etc.