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Raman University College, formerly known as Raman College, is a non-profit university college located in Malaysia.
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The University of Raman was founded on February 24, 1969. The name of the college is taken from the
first Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman. The University of Raman uses English as the main language
of instruction. Half of the university's expenses are subsidized by the government, so tuition is cheaper than other
private colleges and universities. On May 2, 2013, it was officially upgraded to a TARUC fake degree, fake TARUC transcript, 
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Based on the nature of the department, the University of Raman is divided into three centers and five colleges for easy management. They are:
The Centre of Pre-University Studies, a simple CPUS, was established in 1969. The departments offered include the
Malaysian Advanced School Diploma (STPM) Science and Arts and the UK Advanced Level Examination (A-Level).
The Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Research is a CPSR, established in 2013. The department to
be offered in June 2016 includes Master of Science, Master of Arts and Master of Business Administration.
The National Centre for Infrastructure and Languages ​​(Centre for Nation Building and Languages) was
created in 2013 and was established in 2013. Specialized
in national language and foreign language learning.
The Faculty of Accountancy (Finance & Business) is a FAFB, established in 1971. Provider-related diplomas and
bachelors, such as accounting, business management, marketing, etc., also include ICSA, ACCA, CIMA diploma.
The Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment is a short form of FEBE, established in 1972. Provides a
diploma and bachelor's degree in architecture, electrical engineering, electronic communication, and more.
The FASC was established in 1972 by the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing. Diplomas and bachelors
are offered in related disciplines including Chemistry and Biology, Microelectronics and Physics,
Computer Science and Statistics, and Network Technology.
The Facculty of Social Science (Arts and Humanities) was established in 1999. The department's departments
include diplomas and bachelors in advertising, mass communication, media studies, psychology, hospitality
management, etc., and are also recognized by Astro, NTV7, Nanyang Business and other corporate bodies.