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According to the latest US business school rankings released by usnew, Temple University ranked 32. Fake TU Degree Sample, TU diplomaThe ranking in 2017 was 41. Although the domestic popularity is not high, the overall ranking is not high due to geographic reasons, and only hovering after 100. But the business school, law school, art school and medical school have good results.  The Law School and Tsinghua Wudaokou College also have cooperative projects. The professors and teaching equipment are very good. Temple University official transcript. Studying in the United States actually depends on studying and finding a job on your own. Temple has a high reputation in the philly area. Provide employment for major enterprises every year.
The advantages offered by the students in Temple University mainly include accounting, actuarial science, adult and organizational development, advertising, American studies, anthropology, applied mathematics, architectural conservation, architecture, art, art education, Asia Research, sports training, biochemistry, bioengineering, biology, biology education, biophysics and business management. Next, I will introduce one of the specialties:
Architecture major:
This is a subject of rapid engineering technology and personnel technology, mainly a subject that studies buildings and the surrounding environment. The learning content of this major mainly includes two aspects of construction technology and art.
Biological Engineering:
This major is a combination of many disciplines, including molecular genetics, microbiology, cell biology, biology, chemistry and chemical engineering. The application range is also very wide, mainly including food, horticulture, chemical industry, agriculture and forestry.
Art Education Major:
The purpose of this major is to cultivate more comprehensive development, advanced education concepts, and excellent talents with comprehensive artistic ability education planning ability. After graduation, students of this major can play an exemplary role in the education team and become the backbone of the major teacher.
Biology major:
The learning content mainly includes the basic theories and basic knowledge of biotechnology. It is also necessary to understand a development trend of life sciences, receive scientific thinking and scientific experiment training in relevant majors, and be able to have good scientific literacy and preliminary basic teaching abilities.