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The University of Guelph in Ontario recently stated that the school has suspended a professor. It is understood that the professor blatantly insulted students with anxiety disorders in class, and what he did was very outrageous. Almost all of the 600 students in the class went on strike and protested.
The Provost and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guelph, Charlotte Yates, issued a statement stating that the professor in question had already taken leave and refused to disclose the name of the professor. However, according to many students, this professor is Edward Hedican who teaches first-year anthropology.
An eyewitness student said in an interview that when discussing a topic at the beginning, some students expressed their opinions and opposed Hedican's views. The student's "challenge" made Hedican feel very uncomfortable, and then the classroom atmosphere has been very strange, and then Hedican called a student in the class and asked the student to stop playing with the chewing gum in his hand, saying that this was a behavior that disturbed the order of the classroom. However, students accompanied by personal education assistants said that they have anxiety disorders and need to be relieved by this method.
But then what Hedican said to the education assistant immediately aroused the anger of the students: "Are you his master? Can't you control him?" Hedican even asked the student if he was just observing his class, doubting it at all. Not his student.