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UCF transcript
The University of Central Florida (often referred to as UCF) was founded in 1963 as a space fund university
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located in Orlando, Florida, USA. It is the largest undergraduate public education university in Florida, and
is the second largest university in the United States and one of the three major optical centers in the
United States. The University of Central Florida is a member of Florida State University and was established in
1963 under the name of the Florida University of Engineering to provide high-quality aerospace training for
the Kennedy Space Center, 56 kilometers east of the school. In 1978, the University of Central Florida was
renamed because of academic research that has expanded to almost all areas. In 1990, the school established
a space education and research center. 
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Orlando, the home of the University, is a tourist destination in the southern United States. In addition to its
climate all year round, its many theme parks attract millions of visitors from the United States and around
the world every year. Its famous theme parks include large-scale rides such as Disneyland, Sea World,
MGM and Universal Studios and the Kennedy Space Center. The school is about half an hour drive from the airport.
The official colors of the university are black and gold, and different sports teams are called knights.
The school's mascot is a knight with full armor called Knightro. School badge is a Pegasus