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A group of University of South Africa students and teachers came to Africa more than 2500 miles away to start their road trip. buy fake diploma of UNISA. They came here to plan to test their 3D printed solar car. These teachers and students come from the solar project team of the University of Johannesburg. Fake UNISA degree, UNISA degree with transcript. They are mainly engaged in energy substitution research, energy management and sustainable development engineering design, and they are responsible for the maintenance, design and construction of vehicles. Solar powered by solar energy instead of traditional energy. false University of South Africa degreehow to buy fake UNISA degree, where to buy replica UNISA diploma. 
As early as 2011, a group of engineering students began to make the first series of solar cars Illanga (Zulu means "sun"), and then participated in the 2012 Sasol Solar Challenge. At present, the project has been developed to the second version Illanga II, including engineering science, industrial design and marketing departments and many other students participated in the development of this project.
At the University’s Manufacturing Research Center, Engineering Project Manager Warren Hurter was also one of the three test riders. “Ilanga II uses solar panels and its road trip kit also includes a 3D printer. This 3D printer can be used in any Work under the circumstances so that parts can be replaced at any time during a difficult trip like Africa.” He added that the project used 3D printing to produce steering parts, various buttons, battery frames, and some sub-frames with solar panels.