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According to a report by Maims Consulting, a research project jointly participated by the University of Vienna (Universität Wien), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Thorlabs, and the University of Kansas has developed a new optical super-mirror manufacturing method, which will promote a variety of photonics The development of learning applications. Buy fake University of Vienna diploma, buy Universität Wien fake degree, Universität Wien urkunde, University of Vienna copy diploma.
Super mirror is a mirror assembly with ultra-high reflectivity and ultra-low optical loss. Its performance is usually achieved through special surface coating or treatment. Buy University of Vienna replica diploma in Austria? Vienna university degree urkunde sample.
Thorlabs' existing crystal super mirror series are said to have a reflectivity of over 99.99% in the near-infrared band. They are mainly manufactured using molecular beam epitaxy and are designed for applications such as optical atomic clocks.
This mirror technology has also played a key role in improving the sensitivity of the Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) for observing gravitational waves.
Recently, a research team led by the University of Vienna is beginning to develop a new manufacturing method that makes it possible for efficient super mirrors to be suitable for mid-infrared bands, paving the way for the application of such components in the fields of sensing and biophotonics. In these areas, broadening the wavelength range is essential. The research results were published in Optica under the title "Mid-infrared interference coatings with excess optical loss below 10  ppm". The link to the paper is:
"Low-loss mirrors are a key technology in many different research fields." said Oliver Heck, head of mid-infrared spectroscopy and semiconductor optics at the Christian Doppler Laboratory in Vienna. "This technology is used in various research fields such as cancer diagnosis and gravitational wave detection. link."
The epitaxial layer transfer process used in Thorlabs' existing components has become a well-recognized technique for creating single crystal heterostructures on base wafers for subsequent transfer to curved substrates.
However, the research project pointed out in its published paper that in practice "it is not easy to extend the performance of single crystal coatings to infrared spectroscopy." Although the prototype mid-infrared reflector has been manufactured by this method and is helpful for the study of atmospheric chemical dynamics, its optical loss has been caused by excessive structural defects in the "20-30 micron too thick multilayer epitaxial layer." The adverse effects of "scattering".