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University of Birmingham Degree
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Recently, High Fliers Research, an authoritative university graduate employment market research institution in the UK, released the latest "The Graduate Market in 2021". England Birmingham degree. University of Birmingham diploma, degree of Birmingham University. The report gave a ranking of the employment competitiveness of British university graduates in 2021, and also assessed the impact of the global new crown epidemic in 2020 on the graduate application market. 
The report shows that, affected by the global new crown epidemic, the top 100 employers in the UK have reduced their graduate recruitment by 15.1% in 2020, and the employment of fresh graduates has also decreased by 12.3% compared with 2019. This is the result of the 2008 financial crisis and employment in the past 11 years. The year with the largest decrease in the number of jobs. 
In the 2021 ranking of the employment competitiveness of British university graduates, the University of Birmingham overtook the University of Manchester and became the most popular university by well-known British companies. The two top universities in the UK, Cambridge University and Oxford University, are only ranked 8th and 9th respectively. It seems that there is still a big gap between the academic advantage of universities and the competitiveness of graduates to find jobs in the job market. .
It is not accidental that the University of Birmingham can become a dark horse in the ranking of graduates' employment competitiveness. The University of Birmingham is located in the largest industrial center in the UK. The University of Birmingham maintains close cooperation with well-known local companies, which provides good support for the employment of its graduates.
The University of Birmingham was founded in 1825. It is the first red brick university in the UK, the first university to open a business school, and the first university in the Russell Group to recognize Chinese college entrance examination results. The school has cultivated 11 Nobel Prize winners and 3 British Prime Ministers, ranking 87th in the 2021 QS World University Rankings. Applying for the University of Birmingham requires an IELTS total score of not less than 6.0.