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Why not buy a fake University of Southampton degree for your dream work? buy fake degree of University of Southampton, University of Southampton diploma, buy fake University of Southampton diploma, novelty diploma of University of Southampton, phony diploma of University of Southampton. University of Southampton (Latin: Universitas DE Sotoniensis) is located in Southampton, hampur, England, where the mayflower and Titanic set sail. The University's history can be traced back to hartley college, which was founded on October 15, 1862, and awarded the degree as a college of the University of London from 1902 to 1952.Since 1952, it has obtained the royal charter to grant degrees.At present, the university has more than 23,500 undergraduates, 7,000 postgraduates and 5,000 faculty members.

Hartley college

The prime minister attended the opening ceremony of the hartley institute in 1862.

The university of Southampton originated as a college founded in 1862 by Henry Robinson hartley (1777-1850).The hartley family were wine merchants for two generations and inherited a large legacy of the family business.When he died in 1850, he left £103,000 to support the higher education research and scientific process in Southampton.Hartley was part of a special group that wanted to contribute to the construction of Southampton docks and railways. Why not buy a fake University of Southampton degree for your dream work? At first he did not hope to create as many universities or colleges as any other industrial town in Britain.But after a long period of litigation and legal action, the company in Southampton decided to set up the institute after a succession of public lectures and intellectual insights by the city's intellectual elite.On October 15, 1862, Lord palmerston, President of the hartley institute, opened the most prominent of the large research institutes in Southampton.After several years of effort, in order to overcome financial difficulties, the hartley institute in 1883 added many new colleges and increased the number of students, teaching staff and facilities and dormitory expansion.