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The University of Southampton is one of the top ten research universities in the UK. In the latest 2014 UK National Research Assessment (RAE), the University of Southampton ranked 8th in the UK.
The School of Electronic Information and Computer Engineering (ECS) at the University of Southampton is one of the top schools of electronics and computer in the UK. Among them, the electronic engineering major TIMES ranks first in the UK, and the computer science major TIMES ranks second in the UK. buy replica University of Southampton degree, buy copy University of Southampton degree, buy  false University of Southampton degree.
The most outstanding faculties of the University of Southampton are engineering, electronic communications, computers, life sciences, law, social sciences, medicine, and other natural sciences.
The Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton pioneered the international Internet and global telex communication under the research and development of optical fiber communication and laser optics. According to the introduction of Li Sichen Study Abroad, it is a world-class optoelectronics research center and enjoys a high international reputation.
The Oceanography Center of the University of Southampton has gathered many top marine research elites, dedicated to the evolution and development of the ocean, climate change, and the development of technology to explore the mysteries of the ocean and the seabed.
The Sound and Vibration Research Center of the University of Southampton conducts research and development on the development of virtual sound.
Astronomers at the University of Southampton played a leading role in the development of the world's most advanced gamma-ray space telescope "INTEGRAL", and together they established the European Space Agency in 2002.
The University of Southampton is one of the founders of global international universities, and has partnered with top international research universities in the United States and continental Europe