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The University of Trier (Universität Trier) is located in Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The old university was founded in 1473 and closed in 1798. Where can I get a copy Germany Urkunde?  The new university was rebuilt in 1970. The University of Trier, established in 1970, has two beautiful park-style campuses. There is a dedicated campus for majors in geography, earth-related disciplines, and informatics. There is a department library, student cafeteria and student dormitory. Other subjects are on another campus, where there is a university library, a central cafeteria, a sports field, and a sports hall.
Professional settings
Faculty Setting The University of Trier has 6 professional fields: * Education, Philosophy, Psychology * Linguistics, Literature, Media Studies, Language Data Processing * Ancient Egyptology, History, Classical Archaeology, Art History, Papyrus Philology, Politics* Economics, Sociology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics Computer Science* Law* Geography, Earth Science and Theology Department is under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Trier, independent of the University of Trier, but one of the two Closely connected between.
Famous people
There are many famous people in Trier University. For example, the German sociologist Nicholas Luhmann was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Trier, and the former CDU leader Christoph Burr studied at the University of Trier. . In addition, the philosopher, economist, and founder of Marxism Karl Marx was born in Trier.