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The University of Winchester was named an excellent college by the British Research Evaluation Organization in 2001. University of Winchester degree, University of Winchester diploma, University of Winchester official transcript. In the same year, in the QAA assessment results, 4 subjects were rated as "excellent". Archeology and education are 24 points. The University of Winchester is located in Winchester, England. The city is located about 1 hour from London (Waterloo) by train, about 10 miles from Southampton International Airport, and is connected to Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, York, Glasgow and other cities by rail. The college is about 1 mile from the railway station (about a 10-minute walk). 
The University of Winchester is located in the historic city-zhi-Winchester in the southern part of England. Winchester is the oldest church city in the UK, and many historical sites have been preserved. Today's Winchester is a busy and safe city with a population of only 50,000, an ideal place to study. Fake England bachelors degree, fake master diploma.
The University of Winchester was established in 1840. The education and qualification level of the university is recognized and accepted all over the world, and it ranks in the top 25 on the "Student Satisfaction" ranking table of the British Higher Education Federation. 
The university has 5,000 students, 96% of which are undergraduates and 4% of graduate students. International students account for 4% and come from 30 countries.
The school has extensive connections with business and society, and can provide students with good internship and job opportunities.
The university provides international students with multi-professional academic English, preparatory, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs.