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The University of Phoenix (UoPX) was founded in 1976 and is located in Phoenix, Arizona, with a superior geographical location and a beautiful environment. Buy fake UoPX degree, custom University of Phoenix diploma,UoPX fake diploma, UoPX degree with transcript, UoPX official transcript, how to custom UoPX degree in America? The school offers degree education at the undergraduate level, with an acceptance rate of 1. The number of students in the school is 300,800, as a university recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education...
The University of Phoenix (UPX) is located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. It was funded and established in 1976 by Dr. John Sperling and his Apollo Group. The school contains more than 200 campuses and offers more than 100 degrees. It is the largest private school in North America and specializes in adult education. In 1989, the University of Phoenix launched the first computer-based education and teaching system, the online teaching plan, which gradually developed into an online campus of the University of Phoenix. The degree and certificate teaching programs launched by the University of Phoenix’s online campus mainly focus on 8 disciplines, including accounting, administration, business, education, management, marketing, nursing/health care, and technology. All courses are taught online and there is no semester. After one course is finished, then another course can be continued, and students can enroll in the course at any time.