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Univerity Of Louiville, founded in 1798, is a state comprehensive research university in Kentucky. Buy fake degree of UofL, Buy replica University of Louisville Degree. In the 1970s, it was originally a public institution funded by the City of Louisville and later joined the university system. Lucheng University has three campuses. The Belknap campus has 287 acres, and is only 3 miles from the center of Lucheng City. UofL diplomaUniversity of Louisville degree, University of Louisville transcript. Seven of the 11 colleges of Lucheng University are on this campus, which is the main campus of the University of Louisville. The Health Science Center (Health Science Center) is located in the hospital area of ​​downtown Louisville, where there are university medical-related departments and university hospitals. The Shelby campus with 243 acres is located in the east of Jefferson County and is the National Institute of Crime Prevention and Information Technology Resource Center. Referred to as UofL. University of Louisville degree sample. University of Louisville diploma template.
There are 21464 students enrolled in 12 colleges on the three campuses of the University of Louisville. University of Louisville Univerity of louiville attracts students from nearly 80 countries and regions throughout the United States and the world to study here every year. The school library currently has a collection of 1.9 million books and 23,406 types of periodicals, including national collections and a large number of audio-visual materials. 
The Business School of the University of Louisville is among the top seven percent of business schools in the country. The college offers a master's program in traditional accounting and business management, as well as a unique doctoral program that focuses on entrepreneurship. The American Entrepreneurship and Small Business Association named the doctorate as a model of the 2010 national SME entrepreneurship doctoral education. In 2003, the college was listed in Entrepreneur Magazine's "Highest Entrepreneurship University" and ranked 13th in the country. In the spring of 2009, the MBA program of the School of Business was listed among the 25 best programs in the world as assessed by CEO Magazine, an outstanding publication for international business managers. In 2010, U.S. News and World Report repeated the previous accolades and named the business school one of the "Best Research Institutes in America."
Among all the research institutes, the Medical Science Center of the University of Louisville has a particularly important position. The center not only provides important medical services for Lucheng, but also conducts research on the root causes of diseases. These medical studies have achieved some valuable results, including participation in a very effective cervical cancer vaccine invention project, the world’s first fully independent artificial heart transplant, the world’s first hand transplant and Pap The invention of film inspection. The Medical College also created the first civilian ambulance, the first emergency room in the United States, and one of the first blood banks in the United States. The University's Health Science Center (Health Science Center) is located in the hospital area in downtown Louisville, where there are university medical-related departments and university hospitals