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VCU diploma
Virginia Commonwealth University(VCU) is a public American research university, one of the most enrolled universities in Virginia, with 205 accreditation and degree programs in arts, sciences, and humanities. Buy a fake Virginia Commonwealth University degree, Buy replica VCU Diploma online.
School highlights
1. A national public university with a long history of establishment. VCU Degree Samples, copy VCU certificate samples, replacement VCU transcript samples.
2. More than 20 majors have top rankings in the United States: painting, sculpture, and graphic design are among the top 10 in the United States; medicine and pharmacy are in the top 20; education and social sciences are in the top 50 in the United States; biology and business are in the top 120 in the United States.
3. Since 2003, the school has been listed by the US government as one of the eight major universities on the east coast to promote regional economic and scientific research development. The school is located in Chimon, the capital of Virginia, with a 100% employment rate. 
Virginia Commonwealth University has two main campuses in Richmond: the Menlo Park campus and the Virginia Medical University campus. The Art College of Virginia Commonwealth University also has a branch campus in Qatar Education City. The campuses are informally referred to as "Academic Campus", "Medical Campus" and "Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar."
Virginia Commonwealth University Library is the third largest research library in Virginia. The library has more than 2 million printed books, 50,000 academic journals, 220,000 e-books, 3.25 million microfilms, and 61,000 audio-visual materials. The main collections include art, behavioral sciences, business, chemistry, clinical medicine, education, health, life sciences, public affairs and social affairs.