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The International environment of Vrije University Amsterdam. As the birthplace of the world's first stock exchange, Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, buy fake VU Amsterdaam degree, VU diploma,
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buy fake VU transcript. is the European financial center with the same name as London, Germany, Frankfurt, Belgium, Brussels, France, Paris, Switzerland, and the headquarters of multinational companies in Europe or the Netherlands. . The Free University of Amsterdam has a varying degree of cooperation with these institutions and companies.
It is worth mentioning that the employment situation of the Free University of Amsterdam graduates is one of the few in the Netherlands. The University’s employment report on the world university published in the Times in 2013, the employment rate of the Free University of Amsterdam ranks second only to the University of Amsterdam. Second, the average salary for the three years of graduation is ranked fourth in the Netherlands. This is why many international students have given up Utrecht University and Leiden University came to the Free University of Amsterdam. Among the graduate students, 40% are from overseas, and many of them are Chinese students.
Diversified teaching:
The school encourages diversified teaching. For the use of the curriculum, students are encouraged to pursue a second degree, and students are encouraged to apply for a postgraduate major in a double degree. The Free University of Amsterdam is also the second most popular school in the Netherlands.
The school offers free Dutch language courses to help students integrate into everyday life in the Netherlands.