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Valencia College, formerly known as Valencia Community College (Orlando), is located in Orlando, Florida, USA, and was founded in 1967. it located in Orlando, Florida, is an accredited university by the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities. In 2011, the university was named the nation's best community college by the Aspen Institute. As a community college, Valencia College offers a 2-year associate's degree program that leads directly to the university's bachelor's degree program. Valencia College will be on par with Florida's public universities, but tuition will be 40 percent cheaper, class sizes will be smaller and students will have more support.
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With students from more than 100 different countries, the College welcomes students from all over the world. From admission to immigration, from academic advice to university transfer, the dedicated International Student Service team at Valencia College supports and assists students in all aspects.
The College of Valencia has more than 100 program areas, including more than 50 degree programs for international students. From comprehensive courses to career core courses, the College has a wide range of options to achieve your academic goals. Excellent courses for international students include: General Education, Engineering, Hospitality Management and Tourism, Business studies, Information Technology. Strong major: Business; Computer; Arts and Entertainment; Social sciences; Public services; Physical education. Where to create a fake Lone Star College diploma? Buy LSC degree